How to improve learning processes in your enterprise

How to improve learning processes in your enterprise

One of the main goals for any workflow, in a modern business environment is to increase efficiency. Targets, KPIs, productivity, etc. are all of the buzzwords used to point out how well you and your sector are performing on that front. As the same counts for the Training & Development sector and you are a part of it – this is the perfect article for you to read.

Why should you encourage change and improvement of learning processes in your company when everything has been running smoothly in the past 10-15 years? In order for a business to grow, it needs its employees to grow with it. If those 2 growth paths don’t occur in parallel, it just won’t work well enough.

A business is nothing without its employees. Having this simple, but so important relation in mind, you can easily get the answer to the question above and that is that effective employee training is extremely important for your company’s success and in order to continue being effective you need to continuously work on improving it.

Let us present 4 essential ways to enhance learning processes in your business:

#1 Ensure your employees have dedicated Learning time

To begin with, this is an easy hack that costs nearly 0$. It may sound like a no-brainer but in many organizations, one of the main sources of learning inefficiencies comes from this. As companies try to apply eLearning they always somehow skip this part and then it can prove to be counterproductive. Even though you want your employees to learn “anytime & anywhere” there is an if. If they are required to multitask during their main job time and finish a course still by the deadline, they may finish it but the results will vary significantly.

Many jobs, positions, and roles are different and for many of them, you need to devote a certain time only for learning for it to really become successful. Some go even further in it and dedicate not only hours to it, but space called the Learning Zone. It is an area where nothing else can interfere with a learner’s goal – to learn in peace.

#2 Use various training methods to increase engagement

Each person has their own preferred way of learning. We can’t be all put into the same category so it is important to not do the same with the materials for your company courses. While some benefit from reading the information in the form of text, others prefer to watch videos or consume audio in the form of podcasts or clips.

In order to have a high success rate of your courses, you need to make sure everyone has at least a few of those eureka moments while learning. It will certainly increase their motivation and performance in the long run.

#3 Accept that outsourcing may be a really good solution

Don’t be too hard on yourself. With the pace of development rising in every field, training and learning needs in your company are as well. When it sometimes becomes hard for your business to employ a new colleague to help you out in the same position – outsourcing is the key.

While this also requires some sort of investment, given that you will have to pay an eLearning freelancer or a company like ours – “New Age learning”, it will allow you to free up some time and actually be more productive and focus on the core of your position – enabling your employees to become the best!

#4 Find an E-Learning tool that suits your needs

Don’t be afraid of change

We understand that your more experienced colleague started using that E-Learning tool that you now must use 5 years ago and that deep down you hate using it. Encourage yourself to perform in-depth research on many more tools that were developed in the meantime and find out one that suits best your organizational needs.

Changing one tool or the whole LMS may be really painful but in the long run, it will pay off for sure. It will also give you the chance to produce higher-quality deliverables in a shorter amount of time. Present benefits that this change could bring to your colleagues and embark on that challenge in order to improve!

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