5 ways for your employees to benefit from e-learning

5 ways for your employees to benefit from e-learning

There is a plethora of benefits e-learning can give to employers, such as reduced costs of employees’ training, direct insight into their learning progress, bringing down the impact of an enterprise on the environment, and many others. The popularity of this concept of training has gone through the roof since working from home became our everyday life. 

Apart from being beneficial to entrepreneurs, is there any way for employees to benefit from web-based learning?

#1 E-learning saves time

With old-school classroom learning, it takes a lot of time and human resources in order to organize a lesson for your employees, even on a very simple and ordinary topic. The duration of the lesson does not depend on the curriculum only but on the individual learning pace of all the lesson participants. With modern technology and approach, and different learning asset types – interactive learning, branching scenarios, gamification, etc. it is possible to lessen the time needed for acquiring a lesson. Curriculum can be customized for different learning styles and in this way each and every individual can learn more quickly from an engaging and entertaining course that suits their pace and style of learning.

#2 An employee’s productivity is enhanced

Since this modern approach to education and company training saves time, employees are more eager to apply the knowledge they acquired and be more productive at work. Instead of listening to boring, old-fashioned lectures in the office, there are interactive and funny courses with which learning becomes a delightful experience and motivates workers to do their best. Training can be accessed anytime and anywhere at the comfort of one’s home, public transport, or somewhere in nature. Even if workers are not sure about some info from the course, they can easily access it during the workday to resolve a particular issue.

#3 Lessons can be repeated as many times as needed

There is no need to take any notes and make sure you catch all the info immediately, as the content is always available for the learner. This means that modern, interactive courses fit everyone’s learning pace, not only the style, and enable workers to use the best of modern education technology and “recycle” the knowledge whenever it is needed. In the conservative classroom setting, the educator would be the one to repeat whatever is needed and the learners who pick up information quicker would be bored, while others who are not at the same pace can even miss some part of the lesson because there is not enough time to go through all they need as many times.

Modern, interactive courses fit everyone’s learning pace, not only the style, and enable workers to use the best of modern education technology and “recycle” the knowledge whenever it is needed.

#4 Employees deserve credit for their own development

With e-learning, there is much that depends on the learner, as there is not a teacher to monitor one’s behavior and attention span. However attractive and captivating web-based courses are, it is still the learner who is responsible for their own knowledge acquisition. Therefore, employees do and should feel proud of their success when it comes to professional development they achieve with this kind of training and it is best seen in the productivity they demonstrate. This contributes to creating a good working atmosphere that inspires workers for further achievements.

#5 E-learning secures employee retention

Having trained and motivated employees is a luxury that online learning can provide you with. Keeping talented and enthusiastic workers in your enterprise is a goal both for the employers and the employees. A positive work atmosphere that promotes productivity and constant development requires a good-quality training system, that will make both learners and educators happy. With our joyful and creative courses, learners will gain knowledge easily and educators will not have to spend hours on tiresome live lessons, but rather use that time to devise a curriculum for new inspiring training that New Age Learning can make come true!

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